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We specialize in Aerial Drone and Ground Based Services, Photography, Videography, for both Commercial and Residential Real Estate, as well as for Corporate or Private Events. We also provide Matterport Scanning,  2D and 3D mapping, Thermal Radiometry, stock pile quantity analysis and  non-survey grade mapping.

Why Use Our DRONE Services


    • Give yourself the adVANTAGE when marketing your property, more people will be drawn to your property if it has stunning Photos and Videos.

    • Give your prospective buyers the best FIRST IMPRESSION with amazing, must see, photos and videos

    • Give them a unique PERSPECTIVE of your property, Drones can produce dramatic photos and videos.

    • We take the burden off of you by providing an edited finished product. Sit back and enjoy.


    • We will partner with and join you to capture your big moment or great achievement.

    • Celebrate your ground breaking or ribbon cutting event and use the videos to capture more business and boost employee morale.

    • Capture the corporate sponsored event and use that online or for a social media campaign.

  • For the lucky couple's WEDDING

    • Capture your Wedding day with mesmerizing cinematography quality videos

    • Behind the scenes photos capturing the "big" moments and reveals

    • Capture unique videos of the bridal party, family, friends and guests.  We use a wide range of High Quality Cameras and have the capability of shooting up to 5K video resolution and up to 20 megapixel photos

  • For the CONTRACTOR

    • Provide your clients with weekly/monthly photo and video project progress updates. 

    • We can help you keep eyes on the larger projects by flying your project on a daily basis. 

  • For the RANCHER

    • Do you know where your heavily traveled deer trails are? Let us help you locate those from the air. 

    • Are the Wild Hogs driving you crazy and damaging your property? Let us use the Thermal Imaging camera to locate them from the air and guide you to them.

  • For EVERYONE else

    • If you think of something we can help you with, please let us know, we are here to help you.​

Why Use Us

About Our Services

  • Photography, Videography, 3D and 360º

    • Ground Based Photography Services

      • Interior and Exterior Photography​

      • Matterport Scanning for Businesses and Residential property

      • Google Street View scanning for Businesses

    • Drone Services 

      • Our Residential Aerial Drone Packages start at $129 and we offer a wide range of additional services that can be added to your order.

      • We utilize state of the art Drones (UAVs - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

  • We use a wide range of High Quality Cameras and have the capability of shooting up to 5K video resolution and up to 20 megapixel photos

  • All images and videos are delivered using online delivery methods that let you download the project package at your convenience. 

  • In house photo and video editing with attention to detail. We can add contact information for the agent/broker or location information as a narrative for the video. Upon request we can add royalty free back ground music.   

​Drone Specific

  • All of our Pilots are highly trained and FAA part 107 Certified

  • All of our Flights are insured

  • All Flights depend on good Weather Conditions

    • We will need to reschedule the flight if there are Strong winds or rain

  • All Flights are subject to FAA regulations

  • We take safety seriously ​and work to protect our clients and their property as well as our Pilot's, staff and equipment.  

About our Services

About Our Photos and Video 

  • All of the Photos and Videos we take are the intellectual property of Vantage, Inc., and thus copyrighted.

    • All Photos, regardless of Usage Rights, used by client must credit ​Vantage Drone a d/b/a of Vantage, Inc.

  • All Clients are provided a Temporary Usage License that allows them to use the photos and videos we produce as a part of their purchased package for a period of one year. (extendable upon request)

  • Our Usage Licenses are only valid for the Client and they do not extend to other parties. 

    • We do not offer split invoicing.

    • Our Usage Licenses are not transferable. 

  • If you would like to purchase Permanent Usage Rights for photos taken during a Residential Package for commercial uses, such as, marketing, website, advertisements, etc., please refer to our additional services. ($25 per photo)

  • All Commercial Packages come with Permanent Usage Rights for all Photos and Videos.


What is our Process

  • Identify what package works best for you.

  • Schedule the photo shoot with the online scheduler for a date and time that works best for you.

  • Make the deposit to confirm your appointment

  • Prepare for the arrival of our Photographer (Drone or Ground) 

    • If you have any specific photos that you would like to be taken please prepare a list to provide to the photographer​

  • One the day of your appointment the Photographer will contact you for any specific instructions.

  • The Photographer will arrive early and will prepare and conduct the photo shoot. 

  • Once completed the images will then be processed at the home office

  • Once the images and/or videos are ready they will be sent to our online portal for you to proof and make final selections

  • After the final images are selected they will be finalized and ready for download.

Our Process
Preparing for Us

Preparing for our Arrival

​Tips and Tricks to make your property look better than the next

  • If you are working with a Realtor check with them prior to booking to insure you are ready for the Photo Shoot

  • Staging​

  • De-Personalization

  • Clean (windows, doors, fresh paint, sweep, clean carpets, organize)

  • Straighten up yard furniture

  • Wash the sidewalks and driveways

  • Pick up loose limbs, trim trees, bushes and put down fresh mulch

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